PerfectOne Class1 Driver Training

PerfectOne Class1 Driver Training School is the right place for you to gain quality Class1 Training in Winnipeg and make a career in the Transportation Industry as a professional truck driver.

We have years of trucking experience in North America and offer that practical training to our students. With a fully equipped lab, professional training room, and good quality trucks we ensure that we provide top satisfaction to our students.

Class1 truck training is a high demand occupation and we train the best for the trucking industry who are ready to be the truck driver of the future. Our students show high levels of satisfaction and are a positive influence in our growth. The key factor in Class1 training is to gain confidence in truck handling and understand the road rules to comply with driving laws and regulations. Additionally, it is important to know and handle shipments that range from regular cargo to dangerous goods and follow all safety procedures during the delivery process.

We are conveniently located very close to Oak Point Highway and have good contacts to offer future career opportunities to our students. So you can rest assured that you will benefit from the learning you gain from us.

Additionally, we focus a lot on road test training in addition to the Classroom training that is essential to learn about rules and regulations and complete the learning experience.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive – high quality – training to assist all students in acquiring above average skills/knowledge to enter the Transportation Industry with the highest opportunity for their career success.